Said the Whale

Обложка альбома Said the WhaleFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Said the Whale Background information Origin Vancouver, Canada Genres indie rock acoustic Years active 2006–present Labels Hidden Pony Records Website Official Website Myspace page Members Ben Worcester Tyler Bancroft Nathan Shaw Spencer Schoening Jaycelyn Brown Said the Whale is a Vancouver-based indie rock band started by Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft. Their debut EP Taking Abalonia was released in 2007. It was re-released with seven new songs on June 3, 2008 in Canada as a full-length LP under the name Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia. Their EPs Let's Have Sound and West Coast Christmas are available for download free of charge on their website. On July 1, 2009, Said the Whale released the EP The Magician to drum up anticipation for the release of their second full length album Islands Disappear on October 13, 2009. On November 18, 2010, the band placed second behind rapper Kyprios in CKPK-FM's 2010 Peak Performance Project, winning $75,000. Said the Whale toured the U.S. for the first time in Spring of 2011. They played shows along the West Coast on their way to and from Austin's SXSW Music Festival.
  • Трек: I Will Follow You
  • Исполнитель (артист): Said The Whale
  • Длительность 3:01
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Said The Whale - I Will Follow You"

  • 2:56
    Said The WhaleStep into the Darkness
  • 2:52
    Said the WhaleCamilo (The Magician)
  • 3:18
    Said the WhaleThe Gift of a Black Heart
  • 1:55
    Said The WhaleBetter for You
  • 3:37
    Said The WhaleEmily Rose
  • 2:57
    Said The WhaleHeaven
  • 2:52
    Said The WhaleConfidence
  • 3:08
    Said The WhaleHeavy Ceiling
  • 2:53
    Said the WhaleBlack Day in December
  • 3:27
    Said The WhaleRealize Real Eyes
  • 3:14
    Said the WhaleGoodnight Moon
  • 5:06
    Said The WhaleBig Sky, MT
  • 3:58
    Said The WhaleThis Winter I Retire
  • 2:56
    Said the WhaleOut On the Shield
  • 3:02
    Said the WhaleA Cold Night Close to the End
  • 3:14
    Said The WhaleLoveless
  • 3:04
    Said The WhaleBeautiful Morning
  • 2:31
    Said The WhaleLover / Friend
  • 3:43
    Said The WhaleLilac and Willow
  • 3:32
    Said The WhaleMiscarriage
  • 3:58
    Said The WhaleMy Government Heart
  • 2:02
    Said The WhaleThe Fish and the Stars
  • 3:38
    Said The WhaleLucky
  • 3:21
    Said The WhaleMore Than Ever
  • 3:12
    Said The WhaleWe Are 1980
  • 4:21
    Said the WhaleB.C. Orienteering
  • 3:11
    Said the WhaleHolly, Ontario
  • 3:00
    Said The WhaleNothing Makes Me Happy
  • 4:10
    Said The WhaleJesse, AR
  • 2:18
    Said the WhaleIslands Disaapear
  • 2:19
    Said the WhaleGentleman
  • 3:53
    Said The WhaleTaking Abalonia
  • 1:38
    Said The WhaleThe Light Is You
  • 3:39
    Said The WhaleThe Reason
  • 2:20
    Said The WhaleA Song for Me
  • 3:52
    Said The WhalePlans for the Future
  • 1:39
    Said The WhaleThe Real of It
  • 4:35
    Said The WhaleBig Wave Goodbye
  • 1:59
    Said The WhaleThe Banks of the English Bay
  • 3:05
    Said The WhaleHowe Sounds
  • 2:23
    Said The WhaleSeasons
  • 2:26
    Said The WhaleLady Hourglass, Your Head's On Fire!
  • 4:34
    Said The WhaleHurricane Ada
  • 1:00
    Said The WhaleFish and Stars II
  • 5:11
    Said The WhaleCurse of the Currents
  • 2:37
    Said The WhaleO Alexandra
  • 3:38
    Said The Whale2010
  • 2:19
    Said The WhaleLive Off Lamb
  • 2:36
    Said the WhaleEmerald Lake. AB